Meet the Characters


Ronne the penguin is an emperor penguin - the first penguin you get when you play the Ronne Ice Shelf world. The Ronne Ice Shelf was named for American Edith Ronne, one of the first women to stay in Antarctica over the winter. It is also named for her husband, Finn Ronne, a Norwegian explorer and scientist. His father, Martin Ronne, was also a polar explorer and was part of Roald Amundsen's successful expedition to the South Pole.


Filchner the penguin is a gentoo penguin, the Filchner Ice Shelf was named for German Wilhelm Filchner, Leader of the 1912 German Antarctic Expedition which discovered the Filchner Ice Shelf.


Sanae the penguin is a rainbow-penguin, named after the South African National Antarctic Expedition (SANAE) - the first South African National Antarctic Expedition departed early in December 1959, and their bases are named after this expedition. For more info see: for more information.


Fuji the penguin is a Japanese unicorn-penguin, named Fuji after one of the Japanese Antarctic stations - Dome Fuji station, for more information see Fuji is a "kirin" unicorn, a mythical creature, considered as a good omen.


Vostok the penguin is a Russian firebird-penguin, named Vostok after the Russian Antarctic station located above subglacial Lake Vostok, for more information see The firebird penguin is a mythical glowing, flaming bird.

Xue Long

Xue Long the penguin is a Chinese snow-dragon-penguin, named Xue Long (Snow dragon) after the Chinese icebreaker ship, for more information see The snow-dragon penguin is a mythical fire-breathing creature.


Chilly the penguin is a titano-penguin - named Chilly in honour of the Chilean Antarctic Program, for more information see . The titano penguin is the biggest dinosaur penguin ever found, a number have been found across Patagonia.


Erebus the leopard seal is named after one of the ships, HMS Erebus, used in the expedition of James Clark Ross to Antarctica in 1839-1843. In Greek mythology, Erebus is a deity - the god of darkness - so best to steer clear of him! The other ship was called HMS Terror - can you find the character "Terror" in the game....?


Alba the Albatross is named after a little girl who had a tough start in life, and who has a name very suitable for an Albatross!